Precision’s  “Product Development Mngmt”, PDM  tools not only give you the ability to create, develop and sample your flats in a cost efficient and timely manner but also gives you access to our knowledge base for easy design collaboration and fabric development.


                (3.1) Development through “ Pruva ” Collection : Every season our designer puts together a full collection with the latest fabrics, reflecting the latest trends. Most  fabrics are better understood when sewn into a garment. It is our suggested reference point, you can use them as is also ask for a remake in a different fabric.


(3.2) Development through “ Product Development Database” : Our fabric database works under a product database which monitors and organizes  all old and new production P.O.s. This gives us the ability to mix and and match different fabrics, spects and sketches thus creating a quick and complete product package once you give us the feedback.



                (3.3) Development through Fabric Database : Precision has more than 2,500 knit and woven fabrics in its database with full technical details mostly from previous productions. We keep around 75 of better ones for sampling and protos which are listed on our Fabrics On Hand List (121) together with above mentioned recently developed fabrics.



                (3.4) Development through Fabric Mills: Precision produces around 55 new knit and 15 new woven fabrics each season. Every fabric is prepared in 2 to 3 colorways around 15 kg each just for sampling purposes.There are also  around 9,500 fabric swatches from a diverse collection of Italian and Turkish mills in our Fabric Swatch Library (111).We can duplicate or even create your version on any selected swatch.


                (3.5) Development through Yarn Mills : We work closely with 2 upscale Italian, 1 Austrian mill, all has showrooms both in New York and Istanbul. (131).You choose your yarn in New York and we pick it up in Istanbul in no time.


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