Aitken Spence Garments Ltd.

Office : 13 Sir Baron Jayathilake Mawatha

Colombo 1,  SRI LANKA

Woven Shirts, Blouses, Skirts C&S Facility 1

Address : 222, Agalawatte Road

Matugama, SRI LANKA

Shirts, Sleepwear C&S Facility 2

Address : 24, Church Street

Fort galle, SRI LANKA



            Woven fabrics are developed by Precision than it is usually shipped from Turkey to Sri Lanka.Standart, basic fabrics are supplied from China and  fancy blends from Korea or Honk Kong.


            Company employs a total of 900 people between two plants. First plant has 300 machines and the second one has 100 machines (If needed, please ask for complete machinery list). Combined monthly capacity  is around 135,000 units.


            Fabric ispection is done based on 4 points system and in line inspection is A.Q.L. - 2.5 for sewn garments and A.Q.L. - 4.0 for accessories.


             Exporting company holds 40,000 dozens of 340/640 quota and again 40,000 dozens of 341/641 quota. Production facilities have been audited and certified by GAP Inc and NIKE Inc.




Precision-New York            141W 36th Str 16th Fl New York NY 10018      T: 212 947 3167  F: 212 947 3186 

Precision-San Francisco 1860  Verne Roberts C.Anti och CA  94509       T: 925 753 1299  F: 925 753 1290

Pruva-Turkey Offices        Gaziler Caddesi No:357/2  5th Fl Izmir, Turkey   T: 232469 7799   F: 232 469 7733

Prime-Turkey Factory    Akcay Caddesi No:144/1 Aegean Free Trade Zone Gaziemir / Izmir - Turkey