(1.3) Automating the Warehouse and Distribution

EDI and Uploads


This is an improved version of classic EDI Electronic Data Interchange implementations. 211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading which is a new electronic EDI document is added to the chain to make it more complete.



Below is a list of EDI documents which Precision can send and receive. Precision is capable of sending and receiving below documents in all VICS EDI versions from 003010 to 004030. Also note that Precision can add any new EDI document if it is asked by the retailers or the wholesaler.



(1.3.1) 856 Advance Ship Notice ( Includes UCC-128 carton labels)


(1.3.2) 211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading (3rd party)



(1.3.3) 855 Vendor Generated Purchase Order



(1.3.1) 977 Functional Acknowledgement



(1.3.1) 810 Invoice



(1.3.1) 850 Purchase Order



(1.3.1) 852 Product Activity Data



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