(1.2) Global Shipping and Consolidating

GEDI based and Uploads


          This aspect of Precision’s SCM will move your business towards an extended      “ b 2 b “  relationship. 


            (1.2.1)Shipment Advice and Quick Docs______( Ship_Database_db4). Attached please see one pace shipment advice detail page. Please note that original documentation information is included as well as all shipment details.

            (1.2.2)  U.P.C. Database___________________(UPC_Database_db5). This database includes all styles not only with color and size but also with all the yarn, composition, fabric details and descriptions to make it a complete information source.

                                    ( Price Tickets “U.P.C.-A”

            (1.2.3)DESADV Despatch Advice Message

                                    ( Shipping Container “SCC-14”

                                    ( Serial Shipping Container “SSCC-18”

            (1.2.4)  U.P.C. Catalog : Precision’s U.P.C. catalog is at QRS. You can access it through QRS web site under the brand names of  “ Exo“, “Exo-Sphere“, and “Metropolis“

                                    ( U.P.C.-A  barcoded price tickets


            (1.2.3) DESADV Despatch Advise Message : The message intent is to advise of the detailed contents of a consignment. It allows the recipent to

            *know when the goods has been despatched or will be ready to despatch

            * have the precise details of the consignment

            * take initial steps towards customs clerance

            * enable matching between despatched goods and the following invoice

            ( SCC-14 U.P.C

            ( SSCC-18 Serial Shipping Container Code           




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