(1.1)            Production and Quality Assurance (Web based) Garments are produced vertical within the company moving from one department to the other.


††††††††††††††† (1.1.1) Approvals and Sampling:This department††† handles all approvals for the pre-production samples including all sewing details, accessories, trims,fabrics and colors. Complete details of any style are organised under our Product_Development_Database_db1. Attached please see 5 pages of details for a quick referance.


††††††††††††††† (1.1.2) Knitting and Weaving Department : Yarn and fabric reserch as well as actual manufacturing of the fabric for production P.O.s is administered by this department. This department constantly does market research, stays in touch with yarn suppliers and knitters. They start with preparing swatchcards for different categories by market research.(Attached please see swatchcard).


††††††††††††††† Fabrics to be developed are decided together with our design team. Than new development fabrics are treated as production fabrics and this departmentprovides all technical properties of the yarn & fabric and enters the information to our Fabric_Batabase_db3.


††††††††††††††† (1.1.3) Production Department :This department oversees all stages of production from cutting to packing.


††††††††††††††† ( P.O. Cover with UPC details: P.O. cover pages are prepared and issued with complete production details including UPC codes. All the details, specifications as well as all approvals are created and kept in this program for each individual PO. It is a database program which can import / export data to U.P.C. database and P.O. Calendar programs.


††††††† ††††††††††† ( Production P.O. Calendar Program :This program is at the center of all production which schedules start, finish and ship dates for each individual P.O. complete with all amounts ( yardage-tonage ) and quantities for each production stage. Attached please see two pages for your referance.


††††††††††† ( Factory Capability Form: Precisionís uses quality sewing subcontractors for woven shirts and pants which are located in Turkey and Sri Lanka. Some knit POs are also placed with outside sewing factories. Almost always our knitting and weaving department manufactures the fabric and cut pieces are sent out for sewing, once they are finished all iron and packing done in our facilities to achiece required consistency.††† ( Individual factory informations are on Appendix A at the back of this brochure)


††††††††††† (1.1.4.) Quality Control Department :This department is an indipendent team within the company, which does final and in-process quality control. In process quality control for sewn garments is A.Q.L. - 2.5 and accessories inspection is A.Q.L. - 4.0. And there is always a final inspection when the goods are packed.


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